Who can I talk to in my School?

What is a Disability Coordinator?

Every School has a Disability Coordinator. We send information to this person about the support you need, when you’ve agreed to this. They then send the information on to the people who need to see it, such as the lecturers who are teaching you.

As they’re based in the School, they have a lot of knowledge about how things work there.

When should I contact my Disability Coordinator?

You can contact your Disability Coordinator for issues relating to your School, or any of the issues below.

Who is my Disability Coordinator?

Faculty of Science and Engineering




The School of Engineering Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science - UG and PG Taught

Lauren Murphy

Computer Science - UG and PG Taught

Ben Herbert/Maria Sloan

Electrical and Electronic Engineering - UG and PG Taught

Lauren Murphy

Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering - UG and PG Taught

Cerys Jones

School of Natural Sciences Chemistry - UG and PG Taught

Sarah Thompson

Earth and Environmental Sciences - UG and PG Taught

Naomi Burke

Mathematics - UG and PG Taught

Nicola Prior

Materials - UG and PG Taught

Rob Steventon

Physics and Astronomy - UG and PG Taught

Geraldine Garrabet

Foundation Sciences

Megan Jones

ALL Doctoral Academy

Monique Brown/Janine Calland

ALL Foundation Studies Team

Millie Parker

Faculty of Humanities:



Arts, Languages and Cultures - UG and PG Taught

Mary Holden/Anne Roberts

Education, Environment & Development - UG and PG Taught

Liam Collins

Alliance Manchester Business School (AMBS) - UG and PG Taught

Lucy Harrison/Tara Bhatia

Alliance Manchester Business School (AMBS) - MBA and Global

Lois Eden-Norte

Social Sciences - UG and PG Taught

Philippa Wilson

Doctoral Academy

Debbie Kubiena/Lynne Barlow-Cheetham

Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health




School of Medical Sciences

UG and PG Taught

Karen Ross

School of Biological Sciences UG and PG Taught

Sam Green/Michael Barringer

School of Health Sciences Pharmacy and Optometry - UG and PG Taught

Sandra Humphries

Psychology and Mental Health - UG and PG Taught

Guy Malkin

Human Communication, Development and Hearing - UG and PG Taught

Guy Malkin

Nursing Midwifery and Social Work - UG and PG Taught

Clair Ridley

Informatics, Imaging and Data Sciences

Emma Shipley

Population Health, Health Sciences Research and Primary Care

Emma Shipley

All Schools Doctoral Academy

James Power, Megan Brown, Luke Smith

UCIL Luke Smith