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Do I have dyslexia?

If you think you might be dyslexic, visit the My Learning Essentials page and book online onto our weekly workshop 'Do I have dyslexia?'. You'll be able to find out about support you can access straight away and how to do this. It will also explain how you can be assessed for dyslexia at the University.

You can book onto a workshop up to 4 weeks in advance. We'd recommend you do this as soon as possible, as we only have a limited number of Educational Psychologist's appointments each semester, and it can take some time to get all your support in place.

Important: please don’t book onto this workshop If you have English as an Additional Language and are studying on a course with the University Language Centre to improve your English skills before starting on another programme of study. Instead, please call the Disability Advisory and Support Service on 0161 275 7512 and book a Quick Query appointment with an adviser

Please note: you need to have attended this workshop before you can be assessed for dyslexia via the Disability Advisory and Support Service.

Why should I book early?

DASS has an deadline before each of the main exam periods in January, May/June and August. You can find the next deadline on our exams page.

We cannot guarantee that you will see an Educational Psychologist (EP) even if you attend a workshop in advance of the deadline. If you attend a workshop with us less than a week before or after the exam deadline, we definitely won't be able to provide an assessment by an EP. Even if you attend a workshop more than a week before the deadline we can't guarantee you will see an EP in time.

If you don't see an EP before the deadline you won't be considered for alternative arrangements in the next exam period. It's expected that there will be great demand for EP appointments in the run up to the exam deadline. So please do book on a workshop as early as you can!

However, you would still be able to be assessed (subject to availability of appointments) in time for subsequent exam periods.

Can I be assessed for dyslexia outside the University?

If you’d prefer to be assessed by an Educational Psychologist or Specialist Teacher outside the University, just make sure they follow the SpLD Working Group Guidelines 2005 and any amendments.

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Workshops for the second semester of 2017/18 will take place on:

Friday 19.01.18


Tuesday 30.1.18


Friday 9.2.18


Tuesday 13.2.18


Wednesday 21.2.18


Monday 26.2.18


Wednesday 7.3.18


Monday 12.3.18


Wednesday 21.3.18


Friday 13.4.18


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Friday 27.4.18


Wednesday 2.5.18


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Friday 27.7.18


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